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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  September 13, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> verne: before a crowd of
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84,000, an excellent first half put together by the south carolina gamecocks. they lead it as we start the third quarter, 24-13. now let's go inside the headset powered by at&t. official sponsor of the sec. here's allie laforce. >> allie: coach, you had a couple of big offensive drives, including a touchdown that were brought back because of penalties. what do you tell your team to limit the mental mistakes? >> i told them, one penalty, a missed field goal and it's a close ball game. both teams are playing good overall. they're whipping us on third down. they're getting third down conversio conversions. we have zero. >> allie: thanks, coach. good luck. >> verne: allie, thank you. georgia will receive the ball to open the third quarter. todd gurley is back. mentioned at the beginning of
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the broadcast, he had a 100-yard return against clemson. he also in his first year at georgia returned a kickoff 100 yards against buffalo. but they have given him nothing in terms of opportunities tonight. landon ard will kickoff. again, this game delayed by 1 hour and 26 minutes because of lightning. we're not through the woods yet, this fumbled, picked up by wilds. a miscommunication with gurley. the freshman, brandon wilds. >> gary: stepping in front of gurley. never a good idea. >> verne: no. guess what? wilds is not going to win that one. what are your thoughts about georgia and how they played?
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>> gary: i understand what mark richt said. they had too many big plays on first and second down. have to force more opportunities on third down. too many chunks on third down with carolina. >> verne: so the bulldogs start from their own 15. gurley. >> verne: gary, take us through the first half. >> gary: started with a rain delay, thunder and lightning storms. from there, once we got it started, a guy on fire was dylan thompson. a lot of easy throws, todd gurley was controlled. 18 more plays. that's what i'm talking about. only five attempts on third down out of 44 plays. too many big plays.
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>> verne: mason. that's caught. two yards short of the first down. chris conley now in his junior year. he might be one of the most impressive young men that we've spoken to over the years. a terrific student. >> gary: here it is. third and 2. they're 0 for 4 in the game. >> verne: got this getting a lot of action because of the injuries to the more accomplished wide receivers. >> gary: elder had a chance to knock it down, a nice throw into the stomach for the first down. on third down, south carolina is really playing the sticks. they're expecting the ball to be thrown short.
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sooner or later, georgia has to go deep on them. >> verne: hutson gets gurley. gurley gets a bit of a block. not a big one from brandon kublanow. skai moore makes the tackle. >> gary: skai moore, number 10, he has his eyes on gurley the whole way. beats bennett's block. wraps up gurley and doesn't let loose. >> verne: a gain of four. second down. jay rome the tight end. maxey is in at fullback. he's in front of gurley. gurley follows his lead. breaks a tackle. breaks another. and hauled down at the 25. >> gary: oh, man. that's a guy of a different
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breed. that's a man with speed, body lean. a lot of effort. intensity and a commitment from georgia to run him from the i formation. not a lot of teams run that i isolation anymore. it's hard not to with gurley. >> verne: a gain of 40. sony michel. maxey leads him. michel leans out -- >> gary: right at the yellow line. >> verne: yep. >> gary: michel, same play. give gurley a blow. run the same play the other way. maxey gets a nice block from michel. the play before by gurley, as you look at him, the first time he's had a run of over 19 yards that hasn't been called back against south carolina in three
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games against them. >> verne: michel. he's a 5'11", 208 pound true freshman from plantation, florida. second down and 6. gurley on this drive, 42. the big play that was negated. he had a 54-yard touchdown run called back because of offensive holding by georgia. michel still the running back. scrambling defensively by south carolina. they'll toss it. maxey leads the way around the corner. can't do much to help the convoy. michel is tackled. walton, number 28. gurley back. opening drive, third quarter?
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third and three at the 8. >> gary: remember, it's a 11-point game. it's still very early in the football game. oh, fumble. >> verne: and it's fourth down. david andrews. >> gary: tough decision for mark richt here. it's a successful drive. you don't want a zero here right now. going for it on fourth down? >> verne: it appears they will. fourth and 1.
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gurley. first down. >> gary: yes, sir. >> verne: first and goal, georgia. >> gary: there's a 230-pound man getting a head of steam on the deep tailback spot. tight splits. whole back side, greg pyke. it's a power o run at georgia for 40, 50 years. >> verne: opening drive. third quarter. this is gurley. georgia on the boards. touchdown on the opening drive of the second half. that was impressive. >> gary: there's no way around it any more. at half time, mark richt had to meet with mike bobo and said we're going to have to score points. that's all there is to it. empty the playbook out. we rested gurley. let's ride them with the first drive of the second half.
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then produced probably seven points. >> verne: marshall morgan for the extra point. perfect so far this year. good hold. adam ericson took a low snap and got it in place. >> gary: well, he had the fourth down conversion and a 40-yard run in the middle of the drive. following the left side. almost a bail out there. a good block. just dashes, holds his balance and falls forward. then the d-5 formation, follow maxey. doesn't need much of a block. makes sure the linebacker goes outside of the fullback. you pretty much have a first down. >> verne: and here is the touchdown, todd gurley. 38th in his career. and we have a ball game.
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>> "survivor" premiers
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wednesday, september 24's on cbs. opening drive of the second half for the georgia bulldogs. marshall morgan will kick it. shon carson hopes to return it. and will from the five. hit from behind and dropped. >> gary: yeah, verne, i want to go back down to the fourth down play. here's brian kublanow. watch what happens here. he's going to block inside by being patient and taking the defender where he wants to go.
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when he takes the inside charge, kublanow goes inside. kublanow had a couple of holding penalties. let's salute him there for a good block on the fourth down play. >> verne: shortly thereafter the touchdown, makes it a four-point ball game. 9:17 to go. >> gary: you wouldn't think he would get it inside. stunts it in there. >> verne: a couple of missed tackles. wilson finally gets him on the ground. davis a little gimpy getting up. >> gary: both of them. he and wilson both. mike davis does not have the break-away speed. wilson rolled up his leg at the end of this play. gibson grabs him. does he roll up his leg?
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yeah, catches his ankle underneath him as he falls down. he got the wind knocked out of him. >> verne: remember, he had some -- >> gary: two guys down for georgia. >> verne: there is. mauger is down, too. mauger is near the 40 yard line. >> gary: so three guys on one play. i think wilson got the wind knocked out of him when he fell on the foot. mauger rolls on him. i don't know if he fell on his shoulder or not. davis grabs his knee. he grabs his knee there. but it was a first down. >> verne: mike davis has made it to the bench where he's getting attention on the right ankle and
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foot. >> gary: the last two years, south carolina rushed for over 200 yards in this game. i thought he would have to get close to that number. i have to be honest with you. i thought they would have a tough time handling the pass rush and the blitz package. steve spurrier and his staff seemed to be a step ahead in play calling and the lack of discipline coverage by that young secondary for georgia. just too many easy throws. >> verne: i don't want to be the harbinger of unfortunate news but it's begun raining. there's dark clouds surrounding us. >> gary: i'll take the sandstorm. i don't want a lightning storm. >> verne: again, a lot of time and a man wide open. it's nick jones. what a combination of these two life-long friends. >> gary: it's just -- they're picking their poison right now. one time they run it over the middle. the next time, out to the
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sidelines. i don't know which -- yeah, he comes in, crosses with rory anderson. goes back out. damian swann, the low man. on the outside, davis, too late. this georgia defense lost their three key players on defense. that's matthews and wiggins. all new replacements. they're not there yet. >> verne: wilds, number 22. well, these two grew up within 20 minutes of each other. nick jones, dylan thompson. marcus lattimore was also part of that group of friends. thompson told a fun story about when they were youngsters playing basketball, he nudged jones and broke his wrist. the pay back was the next year when jones nudged thompson and
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broke his leg. through it all, friendship prevai prevai prevails. >> gary: pruitt will try to get some pressure. >> verne: anderson. >> gary: it feels that this south carolina team is ready for the package. that time wilson wasn't picked up. nobody blocked number 51 coming up the middle. not enough time, not enough manned coverage to force dylan thompson to take it down and get another throw. >> verne: thompson with terrific numbers so far. 21 of 28. 271 yards. hands it off this time to wilds. gain of 7. >> gary: remember, this is a
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georgia defense. south carolina stacking up the first downs. had six three and outs against clemson in the first half. one four and out and held them to minuscule in that game against clemson. so far, it's not there. >> verne: it will be second down and three. gibson is in as the tight end on the right side. a nice fake. wilds gets the hand-off. another first down. >> gary: well, if you think south carolina runs to the left a lot, you would be correct. 50 and 53 are the strength of that football team. veteran big men. >> verne: herrera gasping for breath, the linebacker. >> gary: as verne told you, another tack until the game for cody gibson. >> verne: number 90.
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>> gary: 78 a year ago. not very many 78s catch balls. he's another tackle. >> verne: wilds leads his way through. comes down one yard short of another first down. >> gary: wilds is 222 pounds. he's a load. they're running the ball. physical up front. that was an advantage that south carolina thought they could have. this is not a big defensive line for georgia. >> verne: davis on the bench with a slight injury we believe. so wilds is in the backfield. second down and 1. 5:30 to go, third quarter. >> gary: he know what's the defense of georgia checks out. yes, they did. >> verne: wilds!
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touchdown south carolina! and the play apparently is under review. >> gary: if he didn't get the touchdown, he came down inches short of the goal line. dylan thompson, as you look at the replay, dylan thompson did a
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brilliant job checking to this play. it's going to be short. they're going to get it first and goal. >> verne: yep. >> gary: but georgia showed the blitz. dylan thompson had the patients to figure that georgia would check out of it. he ran into it thinking they checked out of the blitz. it's a double foot fake. the first time he fakes, finds out what happened. the second time, finds out that they're going to check out of it. watch these guys block up front. we talked about cann, robinson and talk about cody gibson. they all got big blocks. >> verne: wilbur hackett jr. is the replay official. i don't think this should take long. we expect this to come back to the 1. >> after the review, the ball-carrier was short of the goal line. the ball will be placed on the 1
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foot line. >> gary: wanted to say in that run, verne, alan knott, the center, also had an outstanding play. perfectly spotted. the 1 foot line. now south carolina has -- if i'm dylan thompson, i'm telling my guys, no holding penalty. no turnovers, no penalties. >> verne: what a terrific answer to georgia's opening drive. >> gary: and remember, south carolina goes shotgun in these situations. they shotgun it usually back. he's going to go under and sneak it. got it. >> verne: yes, he did. confirmation comes from the line judge on the near side. >> gary: a great answer as verne
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told you. touchdown, touchdown. the georgia defense had no answers. >> verne: another look. >> gary: cann got a good push. robinson got a good push. an easy call. >> verne: elliott fry is on to attempt the extra point. nine plays, 25 yards. that is the fourth 75-yard drive. >> gary: yeah. that leads to a lot of yards on offense. >> verne: holy cow! >> gary: you have four 75-yard drives. you have a good system going. steve spurrier is looking at his play chart and going, they're
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>> verne: raining but carolina leads it by 31-20. let's go down to allie laforce. >> allie: we have an injury update on mike davis. he was on the training table about ten minutes. he has a sprained right ankle. when he got on the table, he pointed to it. they knew what it was. he took his shoe and sock off. got him taped up. they said they're getting him back in the game as soon as possible. >> verne: all right, allie. those don't look like size 9s to me. >> gary: he's had a hamstring and an ankle. if i'm south carolina, i don't kick this ball to todd gurley. >> verne: that's what singing in the rain looks like 2014 style. landon ard will kickoff.
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>> gary: that's one way to do it. >> verne: yes. and red lobster presents the commitment to investment of our future. they have donated $1,000 to the university of south carolina's general scholarship fund. now see if georgia has an answer. a quick flip. conley to the right. six yards on the play. t.j. gurley not to be confused with the gurley that plays for
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georgia made the tackle. number 20. gurley. wow! jordan diggs, t.j. holloman. number 11. >> gary: he forced the block, blew up the play. forced gurley to come back and cleaned up by holloman. timed the snap perfectly and disrupted the play. >> verne: third and 3. for governor 1 of 6 on third down conversions. mason, tipped. incomplete. fourth down. that was gerald dixon.


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